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A Week on the Wagon: Grumbly Edition

June 4th, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Uncategorized

What a bunch of moody people the DadWagoners were this week. You’d think a return after the long Memorial Day weekend would’ve perked everyone up, but a quick read of the week’s posts reveals that we came back at least two-thirds grumpy.

Nathan’s travels of late must’ve left him all revved up: Fury at BP, irritation at Forbes, saddened by a fellow blogger’s loss, and bugged by his fellow dads out in the country.

Hard to tell whether Theodore was in highbrow mode (George W.S. Trow, the ethnology of spelling bees) or lowbrow (the headline “My Son Really Likes to Say ‘Poop’!” pretty much tells you what you need to know), but it was consistently rockin’ out in both directions. Maybe that adds up, Spinal Tap-style, to lukewarm water?

All I wanted was some good information. Some mysterious, ill-documented Brits are telling me I’m going to be a failure at fatherhood; my child’s favorite author has disappeared; and a fellow writer, over at Salon, is telling us that he has nothing to say, which is, when you think about it, not much of a story.

Matt was the only one in a decent mood, maybe because he thinks his wife is ordering him this for Father’s Day, and because he realized how much he enjoyed having godparents who left him the hell alone.

Maybe the other three of us will come around to the sunny side next week. Either way, see you then.

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