Russia’s !@%$#%@ Burning

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NASA picture of the wildfires in Central Russia

NASA picture of the wildfires in Central Russia

Some rather incredible video shot last month near Borkovka, Russia that I’m just catching up to. Not only does it give a sense of how unbelievably intense the wildfires that continue to tear through the country are (satellite photo of the fires here at left), but the video is, for our Russian-speaking readers, an absolute master-class in foul language. If forest fires could be extinguished by a flood of fuck! bitch! whore! and cock! then these fires would’ve been stopped dead in their tracks. Actually, they never would have started, because Russians have been laying down a preventative torrent of profanity for much of the last 500 years.

It’s actually a terrible situation: Moscow, which was so pleasant to me on my visit in early summer, is now choking on smoke. Old people are dying by the truckload of heat exhaustion. The villages in the outlying regions are burning to the ground. My thoughts are with all of you innocent motherfuckers.

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