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A Week on the Wagon: It’s August, Goddamit

August 27th, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Uncategorized

As the end of August approaches, and with it the beginning of a new school year and the promise of increased workplace efficiency, many of us cling tenaciously to the idleness of summer and the hell-with-it-all attitude of vacation.

Which is just a lofty way of saying it was a slow week on DadWagon.

Christopher was apparently spending a lot of time watching cable, Hulu and YouTube, as he broke down Betty Draper’s awful parenting style, compared biting preschoolers to HBO vampires, and took the British-cat-trash-lady video as the impetus for discussing animal abuse vs. child abuse.

Nathan, too, caught the viral video bug, musing on the “talents” of poetry-reciting toddlers, but his mind was, perhaps naturally, more focused on the upcoming adenoidal surgery for his son.

Health issues were big in Matt’s week, too. One day his daughter was sick, another she was addicted to Elmo, and in the end Matt ripped her arm out of its socket on the subway. Or something like that.

Only Theodore was truly on vacation, which gave him the opportunity to miss his son and then to miss his son some more. We all hope his time off ends soon so he can get reunited with JP. Also, because we’re all jealous of his vacation time.

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