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A Week on the Wagon: Distraction Edition

September 17th, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Uncategorized

Offline life kept the Dadwagon from kicking into top gear this week. Matt was off cultivating his new gig, prowling around Ireland with limited Internet access, and thus leaving his wife to deal with a potential day-care crisis. Nathan was filing steadily from jury duty, which provided both quiet time and just enough slow-grinding court business to keep him from getting much else done. He did, however, propose a name for his particular station in life: From here on in, just call him “Morning Dad.” (As a side gig, he’s also taken on the role of DadWagon’s art critic.)

Speaking of outside gigs, Christopher had a week of offline deadline pressure, leading to few posts, though he did manage to connect his child’s sweet demeanor with humanity’s darkest impulses, and also with Daria Morgendorffer. (This is his stock-in-trade.) And Theodore discovered that consumerist kiddie TV (his new favorite distraction, now that he has cable) has grown even more insidiously consumerist. Oh, and he watched his neighborhood get destroyed, all the while finding it impossible to explain what was going on.

Focus returns next week. See you all Monday.

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