A Week on the Wagon: Milestones Edition

September 24th, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Uncategorized

It was a week of what the philosophers of science call “paradigm shifts” here on the Dadwagon. Ted’s was life-altering, as his divorce became official. Nathan’s was similarly significant: there was appropriately contained peeing, and possibly a tattoo to commemorate same. Christopher’s wasn’t quite as earth-shaking, but his child did produced his very first sentence (and it’s one with which I think almost all of us agree). And Matt shook off the world we know entirely, tromping around remote parts of Ireland without a map or a cell phone, wondering where people were going.

Meanwhile, everyday life continued in familiar small ways. Sesame Street met a pop star, to minor controversy. Newsweek was sleepy. Gawker was mouthy. We were grateful that grownup offices don’t have silly-hat day, and were reminded of the real upside of carless city life. And big-deal novelists got taken down a peg. All in a day’s news.

More of that when we return on Monday.

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