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A Week on the Wagon: Garrison Keillor Edition

October 22nd, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Uncategorized


LAKE WOBEGON: Dammit, if Matt can file a post with a dateline why can’t I? Aren’t I gifted enough or talented enough to merit a dateline, even if mine is from a fictional location best know for a population where “all the children are above average.” (I found that quote on a wiki site devoted to explaining “illusory superiority.”)

I suppose in the case of DadWagon, I’m the exception that proves the demographic rule: of the four DadWagoneers, I’m the only who didn’t work the fact that he had been in a G&T program as a child into his contribution to the Tantrum on G&T education for our children.

Not that there was much disagreement among us four, really. Matt and Christopher thought such programs were irrelevant–but wouldn’t counsel against putting their children in one. Nathan and I both seemed to think gifted and talented education were a bad thing–Nathan because the programs are inept, me because they don’t benefit boys and girls equally–but both of us are presently having our children tested.

Perhaps the best thing, in the proper Wobegon-ian spirit, would be to put all children in G&T programs.

Meanwhile, off the prairie, was Matt, reckoning with Chinese dad-bigotry, and Christopher, venturing out to Brooklyn, where parents are driven to drink. Nathan begrudged the French their silly gift rituals, when he wasn’t kissing some blogger ass. Meanwhile, I was helping my son stalk a television star, pondering anti-semitism in Kansas City, and watching Taiwanese reenactments.

Generally speaking, a productive week. Speaking of productive, have you taken the DadWagon poll? Inquiring minds want to know what you, the readers, think of G&T education. Please take the time to participate–there’s absolutely nothing in it for you.

Have a nice weekend.

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