Douchebag Dad Dunks Divorce Declaration

November 16th, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Divorce 'n' Custody  |  4 Comments

As loyal Dadwagon readers are well aware, I am not much of a sports guy. Which is why I don’t know anything about this basketball fellow named Steve Nash except that he’s an asshole. On the day he issues a press release announcing the birth of his son (the admirably named Matteo), he also notes that he and his wife are getting divorced. Quoth Life & Style Magazine:

“I am very thankful and excited that we have a new son, Matteo Nash. Alejandra and the baby are doing fine. But this is a bittersweet moment for my wife and I; after five years, we are now in the process of dissolving our marriage. While we have lived separately for the past several months, we remain firmly committed to raising our children in the most positive, nurturing way possible. I want only good things for Ale going forward; right now, I’m focused on ensuring that our children understand how much they’re loved and adored by us as they continue to adjust to these changes. I would ask that their privacy, and ours as a family, be respected as we move forward. This will be my only statement on this.”

Way to keep it classy, Nash! Also, it’s “my wife and me” or “my wife and myself.” Douche.

Update! I’ve just been informed by my fellow wagoneers that this Nash fellow is “widely considered” a decent “humanitarian.” (A word that, and I had to look this up, does not mean he’s a people doctor, nor that he subsists on a diet of homo sapiens.) Apparently, he may even be “Canadian,” which would explain why he’s also not, reportedly, “obnoxious.” Except for today’s obnoxiousness, which should earn him a green card, if not outright citizenship.


  1. dadwagon says:

    November 16th, 2010at 12:52 pm(#)

    Excuse me: I called him a “decent human,” which alas, Matt, you may still have to look up. –theodore

  2. Matt says:

    November 16th, 2010at 12:56 pm(#)

    And you called me “kinda uninformed,” so you should’ve expected this.

  3. Robert says:

    March 4th, 2011at 1:33 pm(#)

    I don’t get this post. You don’t like Nash because he had a baby and his marriage broke up? Or because he used poor grammar? Or do you just dislike sports figures? Maybe you think jocks are dumb. Or do you simply detest someone who you think makes too much money, or has too much success?

    Some athletes (and others) exhibit truly deplorable behavior. Save you “douche” for those who deserve it.

  4. Matt says:

    March 4th, 2011at 1:50 pm(#)

    All of the above, probably!

    Frankly, though, I wrote that last November, and since I can barely remember what I was doing last week, I can’t really explain anything from 2010.

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