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When I look at this, I see a single-dad Lysol trying to take care of three child-Lysols who all have runny noses and won't eat.

Egads! The Imperial Lysol Navy!

In my Twitter travels today I kept noticing a wee viagra usa hashtag pop up here and there — #LysolMoms — usually accompanied by a bit of mockery. So I clicked around the cybernet highway until I found what the fuss was all about: a Twitter Party tonight! Hosted by Lysol! And moms! Because moms love to clean!

But wait, to

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quote Dan Savage: it gets better. Apparently the, um, theme of this branded Twitter hen party is “Tips for Healthy Babies.” Because nothing says “infant health” like huffing vast quantities of benzalkonium chloride.

Here’s the press release:

In celebration of the TwitterMoms and Lysol Blogging Program, we are hosting a “Tips for Healthy Babies” Twitter Party on December 7th to talk about tips for raising healthy babies! We will be sharing tips and advice for new moms, all brought to you by our sponsor, Lysol.

Date: Tuesday, December 7th, 2010
Time: 4-5pm PST/ 7-8pm EST
Hashtag: #LysolMoms
Sponsor: Lysol
Host: @twittermoms
Co-Host: @goodgirlgonered

What’s awesome is that nobody at Lysol or “TwitterMoms” paused to think about the meaning of the date. Let’s see what else happened on December 7th, shall we? Well, in 1949 Tom Waits

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Harbor. You know, just like the surprise attack household disinfectants unleash on developing central nervous systems on a daily basis … if one were prone to overwrought metaphors. (Good thing I’m not prone to overwrought metaphors.)

Join us as we talk about sharing valuable insights, advice, and tips for raising healthy babies. Whether you just brought home your new baby or you’ve gone through it 5 times and want to share your advice with others, this

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will be a great party to get our community together to share and learn! We will also have a parenting expert from our TwitterMoms community – Andrea B.,

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author of the blog “Good Girl Gone Redneck@goodgirlgonered – co-host the Twitter Party with us to share her practical and insightful advice to help

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raise healthy babies!


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healthy babies is to keep your house clean! Amiright? But how, TwitterMoms? Oh, if only there were some product to help us keep our homes spotless and our babies germ-free. Also, I need something to spray on all these lead toys from China in order to make them healthy again!

We are giving away lots of great prizes!

Golly, I hope some of those prizes will help keep my kitchen shiny and my husband faithful!

Two things you MUST do to make the event work for everyone:

1. To view discussions and comments you must set up a #LysolMoms search or on your twitter client (e.g. TweetDeck, Twirl, Hootsuite or Tweetgrid)

2. To make comments and/or replies you must include #LysolMoms somewhere in your Tweet on Twitter. This is the only way your comment can be seen by the group at the event.

Please join the fun!

You heard the nice sanitary ladies!

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Let’s all join in the fun. Go to town and leave

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us your better #LysolMom tweets in the comments section. Just, for the love of God, be sure to disinfect your keyboard before you type anything. You don’t know where that thing has been.


  1. Joe says:

    January 19th, 2011at 10:33 pm(#)

    Now I don’t know anything about babies, except that one is going to come out of my wife soon, but from what I can gather, bleach and babies go together about as well as bleach and any other miniature form of life. I’m not sure what the details are, but I think it’s frowned on. Is it just an old wives’ tale? Is it something my wife just made up? Does Lysol know about it too, and now Lysol is working up a propaganda campaign to bring back baby bleaching? To be honest, I don’t know. I just think the whole thing smells fishy. Rather, it all smells perfectly sanitary. A little TOO sanitary…

  2. Nathan says:

    January 19th, 2011at 10:52 pm(#)

    Yes, suspiciously sanitary. Of course, my babies just emit a faint, pleasing lemony odor. So maybe I’m a #LysolMom too.

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