Auschwitz Video Game Goes Kaput!

December 22nd, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Dad Video, Video, Video

Via Heeb:

For four years, a team of programmers from around the world has been working to build a mod (or modification, for you non-nerdy “outdoor” types) of the classic 8-bit shooter, Wolfenstein 3D. Titled “Sonderkommando Revolt,” the game features a Jewish protagonist who escapes from certain death, seeking revenge by killing Nazis and rescuing as many Jews as he can. The game was to officially be released in January 2011, but that all changed two weeks ago when the team released a trailer for the game that shocked many humorless viewers. The trailer shows off shots around the concentration camp, some of which get about as graphic as an 8-bit game could. The “money shot” that has bound the panties of international blowhards features piles of dead Jews, stacked like dirty laundry behind a cage, their gore hanging out. Upsetting? You bet. Anti-semitic? That’s the question that has forced the team to shut down the project for good, thanks in part to some pushing from the Anti-Defamation League.

Yes, yes, yes. Tasteless and all that. Wouldn’t want my kid playing such a game. Perish. the. thought. But…

Wait, before the but–to my boys (and girls) over at the Anti-Defamation League. Please do not boycott DadWagon. We like to think we’re humorous, and most of us are at least partly kinda Jewish, and our former founding editor, Christopher Bonanos is frequently mistaken for a Jew (ask him–it’s true). In short, we feel entitled to make fun of sensitive Hebrews because we are insensitive Hebrews. So don’t boycott us even if all news is good news. We don’t have enough readers to tempt fate.


But…isn’t this basically the fucking premise of Inglourious Basterds minus the zippy dialogue?

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