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More for the ‘Shit We already Know’ Files: YOUR MOTHER IS A LIAR

January 20th, 2011  |  by  |  Published in Uncategorized

So's your Mama

First off, I’d like to lay claim to the title here at DadWagon of having put up The Nastiest Image of All Time. Charlie Brown, baby!

OK: mothers lie, and this, apparently, qualifies as news. Via the Times’s Motherlode blog:

In a survey of 5,000 British mothers by the Web site Netmums.com, a high percentage of moms admitted they have not been entirely honest when discussing parenting issues with their parents. They fudged about “coping in general” (69 percent) and “coping financially” (46 percent) and “time playing with children” (20.6 percent) and “time kids spend watching TV” (23 percent) and “food you feed your kids” (17 percent) and “your sex life” (13.6 percent.)

A longstanding trope at DadWagon addresses the ways in which mothers receive perhaps undue credit for their child-raising efforts, while fathers tend to be neglected, particularly within their homes. This, we all know, is largely a crock. Most women still do more with their children than men most of the time and in most circumstances (how do you like my qualifiers? Everyone feel covered?). We also know that men often enjoy voluble public approbation when paying even minimal attention to their kids. The ladies, meanwhile, are subjected to criticism for their efforts–and are further expected to accept that criticism with a smile.

But, still–THEY LIE!

Therefore, I hereby declare today Fake Moral Superiority Day on DadWagon. All male readers will be allowed to go out and get drunk tonight… and not even lie about it.

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