Happy International Grover Appreciation Day!

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I'm too lazy to rotate him clockwise.

As you probably already know, today, February 15, is International Grover Appreciation Day. We celebrated it last year, and are doing so again this year.

But perhaps you do not know the lovable, furry monster who is so helpful to his friends on Sesame Street. Is that true? Oh no! Well, then, we must tell you all about him!

Do you see that handsome fellow just to the right? That is Grover, dressed up as his favorite alter ego, Super Grover, a marvelous flying hero who comes to the rescue of his fellow Muppets. He may have trouble landing, but his crashes are legendary.

Grover has many jobs. He works often as a waiter and a salesman, both of which pay under the table, as he illegally immigrated to Sesame Street from Canada (which explains his funny manner of speech). In a bitterly ironic twist, Grover even managed to get himself a gig as Marshal Grover, patrolling the border on a horse named Fred in search of illegals like himself. Do not say that Grover is not sneaky!

And now, without further ado, Grover:


  1. karen says:

    February 15th, 2011at 1:20 pm(#)

    Thanks Matt.

    We are in Victoria, in a lovely old house and inn (www.englishinn.ca) for a couple of days respite from a life that has held little in way of breaks the past couple of months.

    I’ve bribed the beastlies into packing their bags by promising them some Grover YouTube vids when they’re done. Oh happy day. I heart Grover.

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