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A Week on the Wagon: Milking It Edition

March 4th, 2011  |  by  |  Published in A Week on the Wagon

It does a blog good

I don’t want to imply that there was a lack of new and interesting material intended to delight and enrapture DadWagon readers this week: there was. We’re that good.

But, from our perspective, the highlight of the week was not the new stuff but Nathan’s genius ability to continue to derive readership from that old DadWagon chestnut: baby yoga. Holy cow people like that stuff! As one reader, the terrifyingly named John Cave Osborne, put it: “This thing has more legs than a spider on acid.” Which it does! Because I’ve done acid and the spiders, in my mind at least, had lots of legs. Like Nathan’s blog post. I think.

Either way, my fellow DadWagoneers would all like to offer a personal thank you to a loyal employee at our corporate subsidiary, Gawker: Maureen O’Connor, keep up the good work. We can’t give you a raise, but gee whiz, you have our heartfelt appreciation.

I think we can find a few other instances of milking it on the DadWagon this week. First, one of mine, in which I wrote about the current political attacks on teachers. Do I care about teachers? Not really. What about politics? Only when it’s someone else’s. But I know a good trend story when I see one. Meme, anyone?

And Matt, well, sweet, misguided, giving-beer-to his daughter Matt. He’s decided to throw in his lot, pathetic as it might be, with me. Yes, it’s true, I’ve referenced him in not one but two NY Times articles in the past month (my editor removed his name in both cases, but I’m sure you can figure it out), but still—are you so creatively bankrupt that you need me for inspiration for posts?

That’s almost as bad as if I asked you to come up with an ending for my first travel piece, and you did, and I used it, and didn’t give you credit, anywhere, ever, and I even denied that you’d done it. That would be terrible, wouldn’t it? Totally hypothetical situation, of course, but still.

Have a fun weekend, folks.

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