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Toilet-Training, the Freaky-Ass German Way

March 28th, 2011  |  by  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  4 Comments

Not so long ago, my wife, Jean, sent me a link to something called “Potty Training in Three Days or Less.” With Sasha now more than 2 years old and already starting to get used to the idea of the potty, both at preschool and at home, this was an intriguing link.

The basic idea is that you set aside three days in which the kid runs around the house with no pants, with short outside breaks on days two and three. And then, voilà! Your kid is toilet-trained. Or something. Frankly, we’re all too busy to even attempt to do three days, so Sasha’s move to big-kid-dom will likely progress as it has, in fits and starts, with the occasional accident and reported-by-her-teacher success. (Apparently, she uses the potty most often when her friend Katerina is around.) One day, I won’t have to wipe her ass or change her diapers.

Or perhaps we’re going about this the wrong way. Perhaps we should be following the lead of the über-insane Kelly Family, a German super-group that apparently shames its children into bladder control. Witness:


  1. Daddy Files says:

    March 28th, 2011at 6:22 pm(#)

    I will be haunted by that video until the day I die. I think this is like that video in The Ring. I now have 7 days to live.

  2. Kris says:

    April 11th, 2011at 4:17 pm(#)

    Ahhh, stereotypes are ever so funny, aren’t they? Research would however have shown you that they are originally from the US and while they have been successful in Germany (and the rest of Europe) in the 90s all but one of their 8 kids were born in Spain. So were in all of this did a link about a San Francisco based three day toddler training turn into ‘freaky-ass German’ potty training?


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