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DadWagon Presents: The Podcast

June 15th, 2012  |  by  |  Published in Uncategorized

Paul Ford reads from "The Male Brain."

So, the first monthly presentation of “DadWagon Presents” went off relatively well! All our speakers showed up—that’s Paul Ford, Peter Meehan, and Jeff Yang, who actually arrived so early he had time to go home, beat his children, and return to Pacific Standard to kick off the reading. And it’s a reading we can now bring to you, here on the Internet, through the magic of technology! Please allow “DadWagon Presents” to present to you “DadWagon Presents: The Podcast.”

Part 1: Jeff Yang, the “Tao Jones” columnist for the Wall Street Journal, discusses his membership in “Rice Daddies,” a Bay Area support group for Asian-American fathers. Click here to listen/download.

Part 2: Paul Ford, digital guru and novelist, on his surprise that he doesn’t actually hate being a parent to his twin 9-month-olds. Click here to listen/download.

Part 3: Peter Meehan, Lucky Peach founder and author of the Momofuku and Frankies cookbooks, on trying to get his toddler, Hazel, to eat as well as he does—maybe even better. Click here to listen/download.

Download them, listen to them on the subway, then look uncomfortable as your fellow straphangers edge away from you, the guy who’s cackling uncontrollably.

And get ready for next month, when “DadWagon Presents” returns to Pacific Standard with a new crop of readers. No idea who they’ll be, by the way.

Finally: Happy Father’s Day!

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