Dog Days and Dark Days: Entropy, Chaos, Death, the Inevitable

July 18th, 2012  |  by  |  Published in Travel  |  5 Comments

The last week or so has really sucked chez Gross. And because I’m in a bad, despondent mood, I’m going to just run down a list of all the hassles:

• Our boiler/water heater is on the fritz. Again. Less than a month after we had its pump replaced ($660!), an anti-condensing valve, plunger, and actuator (and maybe the circuit board, too) are shot. Over the last five years, we’ve spent more than $4,000 fixing this damn thing, and I’m pissed. We’ve worked out a deal with the manufacturer to get this thing fixed (this time) for almost nothing, but it still just makes life suck. Oh yeah, and we’re about to embark on an expensive gut reno of our bathroom—starting Monday.

• Sasha is miserable. Not just the usual non-cooperation here. She recently moved up a class at Preschool of America, and is freaked out, reluctant to go to school at all in the morning and crying for Mommy so long after she’s dropped off that her teacher feels the need to notify Jean. Sasha even, for the first time in her life, started carrying a “blankie” around, for comfort. Fuck. In just six weeks, she’s off to city pre-K with the “big kids.” Oh, I cannot wait.

• Travel writing sucks. After 8 years of doing it, I still can’t make a living, and I don’t see any way I’ll be able to anytime soon. In fact, it’s more expensive for my family if I work than if I just stayed home to take care of the kids.

• The lock in the front gate of our building picked today to get stuck. Maybe I’d make more money as a locksmith?

• My book is due in two weeks. I’ll finish on time, but it’s a race.

• It’s HOT outside. Have you noticed?

Look, I know these are just the average, everyday complaints of anyone trying to maintain his place in a middle class being crushed like a droid in the Death Star trash compactor, but you know what? It makes me feel better to vent at y’all, and my feeling better is really the only thing that matters today.


  1. Grant says:

    July 18th, 2012at 12:02 pm(#)

  2. Lori K. says:

    July 18th, 2012at 4:49 pm(#)

    It’s your blog, and you can vent if you want to! Sorry about the summer blues. Hey, we just got hail and a tornado warning in Boston. That means the weather is cranky too – you’re not alone!

  3. Matt says:

    July 18th, 2012at 4:54 pm(#)

    You got a warning? Lucky you. We just got the hail and thunder and angry rain, and oh, I don’t have an umbrella and it’s almost time to go pick the kid up from school. What’s that the kids say these days? “FML”?

  4. Matt says:

    July 19th, 2012at 10:23 am(#)

    I feel like I should add: At least my running is going really well! (That will probably jinx it.)

  5. karen says:

    July 24th, 2012at 10:35 pm(#)

    Ha. My big problem is my young guy Adam, who is insisting — INSISTING — that he be enrolled in kindergarten. I’m homeschooling the other two, and all K in our province is now full day and I just think that is not a great choice for a kid who’s mom is at home but … I really believe in hearing a kid’s wishes and he wishes to have more friends, to experience bigger groups. It is easy to tell the youngest child to SUCK IT UP but is it fair? So … Fuck. Just … FUCK.

    That, and we’ve had loads of sun, and I want more pacific northwest rain. Sigh. WhatmIgonnado.

    I’ll keep ya posted.

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