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Christopher Bonanos is a senior editor at New York magazine, where he works on arts and urban-affairs coverage (and a few other things). He and his wife live smack in the middle of midtown Manhattan, where their son was born in March 2009. Both parents are very happy, and very tired.




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Baby New Year Arrives, Bearing Change

DadWagon is a year old today, and you’ll see much more about that in the posts above and below. But first, a note about the news that Team Dadwagon announced here a couple of hours ago. The millions of you who visit DadWagon regularly may have noticed that I’ve been posting less frequently of late. […]

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Our Red (Furry) Diaper Baby

Friday was a sick day for our little guy–a steady fever, and general crankiness. (Much better now, thanks.) He’s now at the point where he grabs onto new words and phrases daily–pointing out an airplane and saying “airplane,” recognizing a number on an elevator button as it’s pressed. My wife keeps his favorite songs, including […]

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The Tantrum: Is Gifted & Talented Evil & Shameful?

Short answer: No, but it’s unlikely to be worth the trouble. In my childhood, these programs were called TAG, not G&T. (I read the latter abbreviation as “gin & tonic,” which is a lovely summer diversion for parents, less so for 8-year-olds.) Gifted programs were new to the school district, and ours called for a […]

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Well, I Tried It

Well, it took me a few months, but I had the opportunity to try on DadWagon’s favorite small-bore transgression this month. My little family trekked out to Brooklyn to visit friends, and what did we do? We all took our kids (these friends have a three-year-old) to the local gastropub. Yes, friends: I dipped a […]

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