What Almost Made Me Cry Today

What Almost Made Me Cry Today: Gmail Edition

May 6th, 2011 by Matt | 2 Comments

Oh god, oh god, oh god! Fuck you, Gmail, for making this ad, in which a tech-savvy dad uses all of Google’s web services to create a portrait of his adorable daughter starting the day she’s born, with the idea that one day he’ll share with her all the e-mails he’s written her, YouTube videos […]

What Almost Made Me Cry Today: Killer of Sheep

February 28th, 2011 by Matt | No Comments

Usually, when I write these “What Almost Made Me Cry Today” episodes, they revolve around some movie I’ve just watched on an airplane. Well, today’s is no different—except that the movie was quite unusual. Most airplane movies are of the recent-blockbuster type. Or, if the plane has a complicated entertainment system, there’s some inoffensive classic […]

What Almost Made Me Cry Today: John Boehner

January 3rd, 2011 by Matt | No Comments

Late last week, some local newspaper asked an important question: “Big Boys Don’t Cry, Do They?” The idea being that John “Waterworks” Boehner’s ascent in Congress signals a new tolerance of adults tearing up under the pressure of strong emotions. Or, well, sort of. The story doesn’t exactly get into the social acceptability of public […]

What Almost Made Me Cry Today: Birthday Edition

December 13th, 2010 by Matt | 1 Comment

When Jean and I finally gave in and decided to throw a party for Sasha’s second birthday, I was expecting doom. Disaster. An armageddon of tears, bonked heads, cupcake-frosting stains, and parents so offended we’d have to change schools. Luckily, things went okay. We rolled up the carpets in the living room, bought a bunch […]


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