HinduKushtastic California Weed Rapping!

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Theodore posted his bit of lo-fi patriotic Vietnamese rap yesterday, so today I’ll counter with hip-hop that I actually dig and that actually has to do with children.

DadWagon friend Bambu (you might remember our Q&A with him a few months back) has been releasing some entertaining videos. This new one shows him doing exactly what you’d expect a Raiders fan to do: pretending to smoke out on the porch with his toddler nearby. Although, in fairness to Raider nation, the mother of Bambu’s child, Rocky Rivera—a (grieving) Niners fan like myself—is also in the video doing the same.

Also: they’re not really smoking with their daughter around. She’s in the first shot, but from there it’s all just plastic dolls. No actual baby brain cells were harmed in the making of this video. And Bambu even gets around to warning about smoking too much weed in the song.

So my weed-on-child role model will have to continue to be my illustrious friend who once was driving a boat with his year-old boy on his lap, using the kid’s head to balance his pipe so he could steer and light the bowl at the same time. Bold move; I’d like to see a Raiders fan top that.


  1. Saul Goode says:

    September 29th, 2010at 7:21 pm(#)

    The study that proved that Cannabis kills brain cells
    was conducted in the 60s by overdosing monkeys with mass amounts of THC.
    Here is a more recent study…

  2. stonerdad says:

    November 2nd, 2010at 6:29 pm(#)

    what makes you think he’s pretending to smoke? i really need to get around to writing that guest post sometime….


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