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A Week on the Wagon

October 8th, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Uncategorized

Before we get to the round-up of everything said, done, and written here on DadWagon.com, I wanted to announce a bit of housekeeping: We are rebranding! No longer will you see that fine image of four dads and five children splashing across the page. From now on, at the request of our corporate overlords, we are going with the following:

DadWagon_logoI like it, don’t you? Clean, effective, inoffensive—everything DadWagon stands for.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to let you know that this was, in my view, a very thoughtful week on the ‘Wagon. No furious outbursts, not too much dripping sarcasm, fewer fart jokes than usual. Maybe it’s the cooler temperatures of autumn. Or maybe it’s the sobering fact that our first anniversary as dadbloggers is coming up. Or maybe, you know, we’re just geniussises.

For his part, Matt tried to understand many things: why his daughter can say no but not yes; why (or why not) American males might need a website called “The Art of Manliness”; and the appeal of “Goodnight Moon.” For good measure, though, he suggested he’d like to become a porn star when he’s an old man, once it’s clear this journalism thing hasn’t panned out.

Nathan, meanwhile, fretted over his daughter’s incipient consumerism, all the while trying to lull her to sleep with his fleet-fingered guitar skillz, and hoping he wouldn’t have to explain IVF to anyone under the age of 5. Also, he was afraid of wolves.

Christopher began the week troubled by an incident with a nanny at the playground, then suddenly found himself looking forward to a world where he might somehow retire, or at least spend a few days doing absolutely nothing at all.

The whole cycle of parenthood was Theodore’s theme this week: impending birth, naming conventions, co-parenting, life after divorce, and, of course, Ikea. Let’s hope he—and you, our devoted readers—can make it through the weekend without ODing on Swedish meatballs.

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