Bob Saget and the Cowbell Baby

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From tipster Uncle Munki comes this Consumerist discussion of a Bob Saget TwitVid (God, I love writing sentences like that!) that the comedian took on a six-hour flight of a screaming baby with a cowbell.

The Consumerist commenters include lots of the kind of kneejerk babyhating we saw in our own Crotchfruit-on-Barstool debate–as if the procreating wasn’t the engine that continues humanity’s survival, but instead just a failure of willpower and birth control. This shouldn’t be so surprising: it’s not Earlier this summer Consumerist posed, not so innocently, the question of whether there should be a mandatory baby ghetto on airplanes (something I would welcome, actually, when I’m travelling with my kids, just so I don’t have to fend off the bad vibes and ill stares of Consumerist readers).

And, lastly, there was lots of slagging of Saget, a man who has to work incredibly blue just to wipe the lilac Full House smudge off his career, and whose name makes a pretty good expletive itself.

One thing the commenters could’ve explored more fully is whether the baby, as suggested, is actually in possession of the cowbell. It sure doesn’t seem to be. Maybe the parent was trying to distract the baby with the cowbell, but that’s not visible one way or the other on Saget’s (very timidly shot) video. Regardless of who has it, it’s fucking insane to bring a cowbell on an airplane, whether you’re a baby or the Blue Öyster Cult. So don’t blame the baby (who was fussing, really, not screaming–another distinction that non-parents probably can’t quite grasp). Blame the parents, who are adults, just like you: flawed, desperate, and occasionally dumb as rocks.

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