A Week on the Wagon: Birthday Edition

November 5th, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Uncategorized

This “Week on the Wagon” feature—WoTW, as it’s known at Dadwagon HQ—is usually a joke about how momentous the past five days of bloggery have been. A laugh here, an aggrandizement there, dashes of sarcasm, some salty language. But mostly it’s a mask, a kind of internal linkbait that serves to redirect you, our lazy readers, back to stories you may have missed.

But this week was, well, pretty action-packed, beginning with the celebration of one year of being in business (really, “in business”—there’s no business to speak of here), continuing on to Christopher’s departure (he will be missed!), and ending with the news that Theodore and his baby-mama, Tomoko, have brought a new child into the Dadwagon universe (into the regular universe, too, but we only care about the former). Not bad, eh?

And to think, at the same time we debated the merits of moving to the suburbs, we ranted (about politics) and raved (about SEO) and ranted some more (about fear-mongering iPhone apps), and we even found a few minutes to appreciate art with our kids. We really are something!

On top of that, we had the fine assistance of guest-blogger Todd Pruzan, whose deftly written and indelible portrait of suburban life in Maplewood, N.J., will surely disintegrate once his friends and neighbors (not to mention his local housing association) realize he’s been writing for a “filth raunch blog” all week. Thank you, Todd, and please accept our apologies.

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