With Apologies to Brian: Parenting Magazine isn’t entirely terrible

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For those of you who read the offering of DadWagon’s newest guest blogger yesterday, it might seem that this site’s official position is anti-Parenting Magazine. In general this would be true. Typically we are more inclined towards the publishing aesthetic of Parents.

Yet, we here at DadWagon strive, as ever, to resist a monolithic approach to the world of shitty parenting-oriented publications which seem to exist as little else than vectors for disseminating information on shit that shitty parents can buy when they’re not paying for other shitty things they need as parents.

All that is a long way of saying I found this blog post at the Parenting website funny and well-written, even if I have no interest—or sympathy—for its primary topic, namely, “apps” for the shitty dad and his shitty iPhone. Please enjoy:

The first great invention for fathers was the vas deferens. I like to imagine that this vital duct in the male reproductive system—like every gadget available today—once had its own product launch party. I can see it now: it’s 50,000 B.C., and cavemen and cavewomen are standing around eating grilled mammoth and gossiping about each other (“Ugh, look at that pelt,” one of them says. “That is so last Ice Age.”). After the big unveiling, they learn that not only is the vas deferens the best gadget for producing babies, but it comes standard with all members of the male species.

I basically agree, at least in reference to my own equipment, which is, quite frankly, as cutting edge as it comes. [Editor’s note: No, I will never stop making bad sexual puns on this website.]


  1. beta dad says:

    December 7th, 2010at 1:50 pm(#)

    That magazine started mysteriously arriving in our mailbox as soon as we brought the twins home from the hospital. At first I was indignant that there were virtually no images of men “parenting” in it (I know–I’m a SAHD cliche), and that it was full of lose-your-baby-weight and screwing-after-childbirth articles. I kept the issues around for bathroom scoffing material, and pretty soon I caught myself actually using some of the tips and thinking about the bullet-point child-development articles as I was taking care of the kids.

    But still, it mostly sucks.

  2. Matt says:

    December 7th, 2010at 2:01 pm(#)

    @Beta: All I want to know is, did it help you lose your baby weight?

  3. beta dad says:

    December 9th, 2010at 3:21 am(#)

    @Matt–No, but it taught me to dress sexy even though my figure was “different” than it once was.

  4. Amanda Klich says:

    June 11th, 2013at 10:10 pm(#)

    Okay so I used to read Parenting magazine back while I was pregnant and stupid to the fact that the whole magazine and it’s website is worthless for parents. Anyway, I came across an article recently that I thought was pretty disgusting, and it was a discriminating article directing hate and stereotyping toward stay at home moms. I know, I know, us ladies get a lot of heat for doing what we do. God forbid we should love raising our own kids, right? Anyway, I am a stay at home mommy not really by choice, as I would rather be working outside the home but for circumstances and financial reasons I chose it was best I stay at home (that and most importantly, I really wanted to be there for my kids rather than never see them). Well, this article, written by Kim Masters, disgusted me to the point where I actually emailed a complaint about it to Parenting. I really don’t care if I get a reply, because I don’t recommend using that stupid magazine anyway, and won’t be returning to their site either. I am too in preference for Parents magazine instead. Not gonna lie, that magazine has EVERYTHING in it. Also, the articles written don’t sound like they are talking down to you or treating you like you are dumber than a rock. Parenting magazine is so lame with their all too common sense advice and articles. Enough to make you wonder if the people writing the articles are even parents themselves.

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