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A little better than most blogs.

Parents Magazine

Proudly profane.

The New Yorker


—Andrew, a reader

We are journalists in New York City who are trying to make sense of the sometimes baffling, often excruciating, occasionally amusing world of fatherhood.

Matt Gross writes about travel and food for the New York Times, Saveur, Gourmet Live, and Afar magazine, where he is a Contributing Writer. When he’s not on the road, he’s with his wife, Jean, and daughter, Sasha, in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

Theodore Ross is the author of Am I a Jew?: Lost Tribes, Lapsed Jews, and One Man’s Search for Himself, which will be published in September 2012 by Hudson Street Press. His writing has also appeared in the New York TimesHarper’s, Saveur, TabletTin House, Boulevard, and other journals, newspapers, and websites very few people read. He is the features editor of Men’s Journal, and lives with his wife, Tomoko, son, J.P., and daughter, Ellie (different moms!) in Brooklyn.

Guest Writers:

Christopher Bonanos is a DadWagon blogger emeritus, and a senior editor at New York magazine, where he works on arts and urban-affairs coverage (and a few other things). He and his wife live smack in the middle of midtown Manhattan, where their son was born in March 2009. Both parents are very happy, and very tired.

Nathan Thornburgh is a contributing writer and former senior editor at TIME Magazine who has also written for the New York Times, newyorker.com and, of course, the Phnom Penh Post. He suspects that he is messing up his kids—Dalia, 6 and Nico, 3—but just isn’t sure exactly how.

Warren Benedetto moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in being famous. Upon his arrival, he was informed that there were already enough famous people, and his services would not be needed. Never one to be deterred, he enrolled in USC and earned a Master’s degree in TV/Film Writing. “Now can I be famous?” he asked. “No, sorry,” Los Angeles said. “But you can be unemployed, if you’d like.” He lost all hope, but gained a wife and two kids. A fair trade, by all accounts.

Gabe Soria is a music journalist, television writer and author of graphic novels, among other things. You can see his work in Mojo, the Guardian and Arthur Magazine, among other places. He currently lives with his wife Amanda and son Caleb in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn and loves it, but he misses living in New Orleans. He knows he is a true-blue dad because he has a favorite Pokemon, and that honor goes to Mr. Mime.

Todd Pruzan is the editor of Currency, a personal-finance site, and has been an editor at Condé Nast PortfolioDetailsMcSweeney’s, and a bunch of other publications. He’s the author of The Clumsiest People in Europe. He and his wife, Rachel, live in Maplewood, New Jersey, with their daughter, Nora. Follow him on Twitter at @toddpruzan

Alex Smith is a NYC-based writer and father of two who blogs at Flaming Pablum. Alex has, at one point or another, written for/contributed to: The New YorkerTIMEEntertainment WeeklyCreemIrish ConnectionHuh!New York PerspectivesIn-Fashion andThe New York Review of Records (aka The New Review and/or NYROR). Alex was also recently profiled in AM New York for having over 2,600 CDs in his collection.

On Sponsorships:
You might have noticed that DadWagon occasionally runs sponsored posts. The downside: talking about products takes time away from the core work of DadWagon, i.e., congratulating ourselves on being awesome fathers while simultaneously violating our children’s privacy without their consent. The upside: sponsors help keep this blog running. Bonus: any posts that are not marked as sponsored are not paid for in any way, and even the sponsored posts are editorially controlled by DadWagon, not the sponsors. Also: we have a somewhat firm policy against accepting sponsorships from makers of clusterbombs or anti-personnel landmines, as these things are not good for children.



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