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A Week on the Wagon: Cause-and-Effect Edition

July 23rd, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Dad + Gadget = Fail

It was a week of action and reaction aboard the Dadwagon. Consider:

Theodore can’t keep up with the housework, and can’t put his crib together, and misses the days when kids could play in the street. So he decided to watch some stoner TV, and retreat to the unexamined life.

Matt came back from god-knows-where to a kid he barely recognizes. So he offered us jokes about vomit.

Nathan realized that his daughter is trying to psych out his son. So he informed her about the existential nature of death.

And Christopher retreated into dreamy nostalgia for the glory days of the space program, and for newspaper columnists who made sense. So he bounced back into the modern world with praise for the wonders of modern dentistry.

Back next week, when the meds to treat this bipolar disorder finally kick in.

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