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A Week on the Wagon: Going to Pot

October 29th, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  1 Comment

There must be some reason why Nathan obsessed about the Minotaur meat Roger Ebert had mentioned in his book on rice cookery, the same reason why he then asked Ebert–during the subsequent DadWagon Q&A he so graciously took part in–for a recipe of how to cook minotaur meat.

Maybe he’s fascinated with Minotaur meat because that’s what we do here at DadWagon: slay mythical beasts and serve them for supper. Theodore called out Choire Sicha of the white-hot TheAwl.com for his murderous ways but only after he eviscerated the blog-ambivalent New York Times. Matt attacked the iconic new pedestrian signals. Nathan slagged the Googleplex, revealed that Juggalos have mothers, and posted a photo of a terrifying Elmo costume that may well bring the Sesame Street merchandising aftermarket to its knees.

Or perhaps we like the idea of Minotaur meet because we are small-minded and cruel creatures full of resentment. If so, we have our reasons. Theodore has been replaced at bedtime and had to ask his ex-wife for a favor. Matt had to travel to China and watch other dads with their kids instead of being with his own. Christopher found that despite his best efforts, his baby’s mind has already been colonized by the muppets.

We’ve got our friends, though, dammit. We loved how DadCentric interacts with marketing shwag. Pacing the Panic Room continued to inspire us. And how bad can the week have been: it started with a puppy.

Have a great weekend; we’ll see you Monday.


  1. Jack says:

    October 29th, 2010at 6:21 pm(#)

    Inspirations, friends and food all in one place or post. You dudes are becoming fine bloggers one and all.

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