A Week on the Wagon: Open Letter Edition

August 20th, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Uncategorized

Dear Readers,

This week we ‘wagoneers—at least Theodore and myself—picked up on a trope launched a couple of weeks earlier by Nathan: the open letter. Isn’t it a fine idea? You pretend to be writing a letter—say, to porn star Sasha Grey—and that’s like an article! And then people starting writing open letters back and forth to each other, like the one in which Theodore dubbed the Sasha Grey letter “linkbait” and then starting discussing JP Morgan’s deformed nose, and then I planned (but never finished) an open letter back to him about how justified link bait was, but instead I just wrote an open letter to a nice lady on the subway who was not, as far as I could tell, involved in pornography.

Although they didn’t frame it that way, Christopher and Nathan got into the same kind of heated back and forth—a sort of mini-Tantrum. Christopher: People who want Spanish-speaking nannies are pretentious. Nathan: Nuh-uh!

All was not necessarily conflict and strife, however. No, we also worried. Christopher worried about how to be more productive at home, then worried he was staying too late at the office. Theodore worried about crippling debt and the re-construction of old infant gear. Nathan worried (poetically) about the fate of his beloved California and about running down pedestrians while getting a blow job.

For some reason, I didn’t come off as worried. Maybe because I just returned from vacation? Or because I was too furious at Baby Boomers to consider my own circumstances? Or because all my worry went into finishing a rewrite of a long, complicated article that I couldn’t finish before because I was on vacation? The world may never know.

Worry not, dear readers, for we shall return on Monday. Have a nice weekend!



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